Research & Assessment Services

Research and Assessment Services (RAS) promotes the effective use of research, evaluation and knowledge mobilization to support the achievement and well-being of YRDSB students by:

  • Collecting, managing, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting data and information from system surveys (i.e., School Climate Survey, Every Student Counts Survey student census, and workforce census)
  • Supporting the use of data to identify, plan, and respond to system needs
  • Collaborating with departments and schools to evaluate practices and programs
  • Designing and developing research and evaluation tools, processes, and methodologies
  • Supporting schools in the area of Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting of student learning
  • Strengthening and fostering partnerships with community, government and academia through collaborative professionalism and public consultation
  • Chairing the External Research Review Committee (ERRC) of external research applications


System Surveys

The York Region District School Board is committed to ensuring its schools and departments are welcoming, healthy, safe, caring and inclusive learning and working environments. The Board continues to intentionally integrate equity and inclusivity into its objectives, goals and priorities. Information from these surveys can be used to identify and eliminate inequities that students may be experiencing, making data critical to improvement planning at the school and Board levels. 

Every Student Counts Survey

In support of Ontario’s Education Equity Action Plan (PDF) and the Anti-Racism Act, 2017, the YRDSB collects data and reports on the results of Every Student Counts Survey student censuses and school climate surveys.


School Climate Surveys

YRDSB conducts anonymous school climate surveys designed to collect perception data from students, families and staff with goals to:

  • Assess perceptions of safety – from students, families and school staff
  • Make informed planning decisions about programs to help prevent bullying and promote safe and inclusive schools
  • Determine the effectiveness of school programs on an ongoing basis
  • Build and sustain a positive school climate.

Results of our most recent school climate surveys:

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Research and Assessment Services
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