Inclusive School and Community Services

Inclusive School and Community Services support schools in developing a learning and school environment that is respectful, supportive and welcoming to all. This includes building and maintaining strong partnerships with parents, community, community organizations and social service agencies to ensure the Board is able to meet the diverse needs of our school communities.  Specifically we provide support for:

  • newcomer students and families

  • implementation of Ministry and Board inclusive education policy and procedure

  • student, parent and community engagement

Inclusive School and Community Services is made up of three teams:

Community Partnership Developers Team

This team has established relationships with our community partners and organizations which help them direct schools toward programs and resources to support our students, parents and staff in the following areas:   

  • mental health

  • early years and transition

  • extracurricular

  • community outreach, development and engagement

  • nutrition

  • parenting


Reception Centre Team

The Reception Centre helps families and students complete the necessary steps to register for and become part of their school community.


Teacher Liaison Team

This team works with school teachers and administrators to meet the diverse needs of students and families across the region. This includes fostering school-community relationships and supporting the implementation of inclusive curriculum.

We help to enhance educational opportunities for all students to support their achievement and well-being by: 

  • providing culturally responsive approaches to facilitate student and school-community engagement;

  • supporting teachers with the implementation of inclusive curriculum;

  • liaising with community organizations that are reflective of the many diverse populations in the board;

  • assisting immigrant families to understand the Ontario/York Region school system.

Each team provides specific supports and services for schools, students, staff, parents and/or community members. These resources help to ensure the Board is providing excellence in education by delivering equitable and inclusive education practices. ​