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  • Centre for Black Student Excellence
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Diaspora News

Read the monthly newsletter from the Centre for Black Student Excellence for events, updates, resources and more. 



Check out our monthly math newsletter for tips, resources and more to support math learning. 


Math Problems

Here is the current math problem of the month as well as the previous month's problem with a solution and extension question.

  • Problem of the Month - June 2023

    Suppose there was one of six prizes inside your favourite box of cereal. 

    How many boxes of cereal would you expect to have to buy to get all six prizes?

    Simulate this with a six-sided die.  Roll the die and keep track of how many rolls it takes to get all 6 numbers. 

    Repeat the experiment several times. 

    Approximate the answer to this question by finding the mean (arithmetic average) of all of your results

    Math Problems


Mental Health

Read our monthly newsletter for timely tips, resources and more. 



Parent, Family and Community Engagement Advisory Committee Newsletter 

Visit the PEAC webpage to learn more. 


Special Edition Newsletter

newsletter to support those in York Region who work with students with exceptional learning strengths & needs.