Community Involvement - Information for Parents/Guardians

Service and philanthropy are hallmarks of Canadian society. We ask you to encourage students to seize this opportunity to serve and to develop lasting ties within their communities.

Please provide assistance in the selection and monitoring of community involvement activities. However, you may not act as formal community activity sponsors for your own children.

Selection of activities should take into account the:

  • eligible activities
  • age, maturity, and ability of the student;
  • interests and possible career paths of the student;
  • location and environment of the proposed activity; and
  • need for any special training or equipment.

Please note that community activities outside of the school board will not be supervised by York Region District School Board staff. Please direct any questions or concerns to the community sponsor or the school principal. The Notification and Completion of Community Involvement Activities Form must be signed by a parent/guardian if the student is under 18 years of age.

Liability Insurance

Students are covered by the Board’s insurance plan for liability losses arising from the student’s defined activities within the 40 hours of community involvement or other limit set by the high school if the Notification and Completion of Community Involvement Activities Form is completed. For example, if a student in the course of his/her activities, causes damages or injuries to a third party and this results in a lawsuit against the student, the Board’s insurance will protect the student, provided the notification portion of the form is completed and submitted to the school prior to commencing the activity.
Community sponsors will be responsible for ensuring their liability insurance will protect them for their involvement in this program.

Student Accident Insurance

Each September, a brochure outlining student accident insurance coverage is sent home with students. As the Board does not provide Accident Insurance Coverage for students, it strongly recommends that parents/guardians purchase this or other coverage to insure students during school activities.